As many of you may know by now, HYSA is a 100% volunteer organization with no monetary support from the township. There are no paid board members or coaches, and we are a private 501C3 organization. We rely solely on individuals like you to coach and help run the organization. There are various duties at the complex that are performed by our board and volunteers to help keep things running smooth. For instance, did you know that we maintain our own fields? What this means is all the field lining, net setup, weeding, and trash cleanup is done by the board of directors with the help of a few volunteers. The problem is there are more tasks that we do that do not involve running the club directly than items that do. This is where volunteer crews and committees can help. Did you know that during a soccer season that a director will spend anywhere from 10 – 15 hours a week at the complex doing work? This is on top of whatever their other tasks are for the club. For instance, our Travel Director must attend 3 meetings a month for the various leagues that we participate in as well as our HYSA board meeting. The director does this because that is what his role is in the club administration. However, in addition to spending large amounts of time helping the travel teams, he is also responsible to help maintain the club. While no director does not want to help maintain, as you can see it makes it hard to keep up with your other responsibilities for the club.

So why am I saying all this? It is simple. We NEED your help. We need people who are willing to put an hour in here and an hour in there. No one is asking for the commitment that your board is already doing, but rather the quick help that may enable that board member to complete some other tasks or even just get to spend time with his family.

We as a board do this because we love soccer and want to see HYSA grow and continue to provide an excellent place for all kids to play soccer. With your help we will be able to continue to do this. Please take some time and help where you can. Thank you for being a volunteer.